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Dan Obuhanych founded Silicon Valley Workplace Law in 2017, to provide effective and practical advice to companies seeking to keep up with the increasing complexity of labor and employment laws and regulations, and to minimize the risk of employment-related disputes and claims.  The firm’s core philosophy is to provide real-world, practical and business-oriented advice, to allow employers to focus on their business-related goals rather than legal compliance.

Dan has been practicing employment law since 1998, first representing claimants as an enforcement attorney for the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, and then representing employers through prestigious law firms both in Hawaii and California.  While Dan has had a stellar track record in litigation, he believes strongly in the benefits of pro-active, preventative counseling and actions to mitigate risk and to prevent disputes from escalating.  The clients of Silicon Valley Workplace Law include prominent, cutting-edge technology and health services clients, based in California, New York and abroad, and also include smaller, niche employers with a local footprint.

Licensed to practice law in California.



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