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With close to 20 years of experience representing employers – from large Fortune 500 technology companies to the smallest “mom and pop” businesses – Silicon Valley Workplace Law has a diverse and broad range of experience in dealing with all forms of employment law issues.  Below is a description of the types of matters that the firm handles.


Legal Counseling and Advice

Workplace disputes, disciplinary and performance management issues, terminations, and issues regarding discrimination/harassment, wage and hour, trade secrets, restrictive covenants, reductions in force, leaves of absence, disability and accommodation, employee benefits, bonuses, commissions, executive compensation, federal contract compliance, violence prevention/intervention and union avoidance.

Worker Classification

Appropriate legal classification of workers as employees, contractors or other forms of non-employees (volunteers, interns, advisors, etc.), and proper determination of exempt and non-exempt classifications under federal and state laws.

Employment and Contractor Documentation

Legally necessary and recommended documents for employers, including offer letters, employment agreements, confidentiality and invention assignment agreements, consulting agreements, NDAs, employee handbooks, policies and procedures.

Responding to Agency Complaints and Audits

Minimizing the risks or liability involved in charges filed with government agencies (such as the EEOC, DFEH, DOL, DLSE, and OFCCP), as well as audits or investigations conducted by government agencies (such as unemployment insurance agencies, taxing authorities, and labor agencies).

Onboarding and Offboarding

Issues regarding plant closings and mass layoffs, compliance with hiring requirements, and compliance with restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations.


Significant experience litigating all forms of employment disputes before state and federal courts, administrative agencies and labor boards, and appellate courts.

Workforce Training

Harassment training for supervisors and non-supervisors, individual coaching/training, basic employment law training for managers and managing to avoid legal risk.

Workplace Investigations

Assistance in investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, workplace safety violations, retaliation and other alleged legal violations.

M&A Due Diligence Issues

Auditing and diligence associated with prospective mergers or acquisitions, or changes of the form of a business entity.

Licensed to practice law in California.

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